Its a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.

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Dr Cara chose to deny application to the Federal Bureau of Investigations to pursue a life of work/life balance. She now mixes her business management degree with her doctorate in psychology to achieve the best results for behaviour outcome, emotional blocks, and outcomes by design. Dr Cara knows the brain behind business and how clarity and focus go hand in hand with strategy. She is also married, mother of three and one on the way, she truly understands living an entrepreneurial life-style. A girl who used to stand in line at church for food donations, now owns and sucessfully runs three businesses with a 7 figure income.

Dr Cara's Mastermind Workshop

Are you drowning in the voice of others and not saying yes to yourself?

Do you know you have a money story but haven't found your true value?

How can you benefit from emotion in business without the pain of CPR?

How can you benefit from the lessons in your business without fearing the risks?

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